Shift and Change

It’s been a while since I was last here. We’ve been presented with a continuous stream of challenges over past months and while some of those challenges continue, others are thankfully behind us. I have been working through some things on a personal level too, re-evaluating relationships and connections to things, people and situations. Some of it has involved facing up to some ugly truths about aspects of both myself and others, some of it has been more positive. The shifting and changing had become a necessity. Every once in a while we need a mental and spiritual de-cluttering, removing from our lives the things that are holding us back and dragging us down, rather like our own personal Autumn. Just as the trees let go of the dead leaves to take in a long breath before they push forth new life in the Spring, I am letting go of dead relationships, dying values and withered interests. I am letting go of all the things that no longer nourish my soul, the people who seek to snuff out my flame and the life choices that rob me of a full existence. As the year darkens I find comfort in the folds of the old Crone’s cloak. A place to rest, sleep and restore balance before I can embrace new things and move forward into more harmonious and rewarding times.


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