A Few Stitches Here and There

As with many who are of a creative nature, I have peaks and troughs of productivity. Lately I have been stuck in that horrible inbetween place of wanting to but not being able to. Any artist will know exactly what I mean. It’s a sort of creative constipation. You go through months of feeling completely uninspired and uninterested in doing anything but then you start to feel an inate need to create gnawing away at you. The first few attempts often end in a frustrated flurry of screwed up sketches hitting the waste paper basket and much pulling at one’s hair. Then one day, something clicks and you simply settle into something new or pick up and carry on with an unfinished project with renewed enthusiasm and a great deal of positive energy.

This week brought with it that magic moment of renewed clarity and an incredible sense of purpose for me! I cleared off my desk, finished a few cards and started some new ones. Suddenly my head is spinning with new ideas for stitching and painting, the latter of which is out of my comfort zone but has me the most excited.

In other news, we’ve been pretty busy with hospital appointments and visits to the GP for various reasons. My youngest has just had an operation from which she is recovering nicely and her sister narrowly escaped having to have one too for a different reason. We don’t know why we’ve been plagued with so many infections and medical issues as a family recently but on the whole we’ve been able to take it all on the chin and not let it cast too great a shadow. Too many people have much worse to deal with and we are grateful and thankful for our overall good health as we head into the darkness of winter.

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